"Reminder, it doesnt matter what other people think. What matters is how you feel about your self and your life."

As a mindset and self care junkie, I’ve always been into mindset work, studying psychology, the latest mindfulness app, or the newest healthy recipe.

I started my blog, Healthy Dash of Sass, as a creative outlet and form of therapy for myself and to connect with likeminded people but since I am multi passionate it’s really been reborn into a place that you can come as a cozy safe haven. 

Mindset and career tips for the woman who just wants more.

For the momma who’s trying to do it all be a good mom, have a great career, build a lifestyle that feels good.

Book and cozy content for the introvert who loves nothing more than a cozy book and escaping into the amazing books that we have access to.

Airbnb and travel guides for the woman who loves to explore and learn about herself and the world.

Mental health awareness because you deserve to feel safe, heard, and related to.

Wellness and lifestyle products for the woman who just wants that extra dash of romanticizing every aspect of your life.

So yeah, we are multi-passionate over here. I hope you find a safe haven here in my little corner of the internet.

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Alexa Bartimus // Personal Story

It’s always funny to me when I have to write an about me section on my websites. You would think by the way I freeze up that I don’t know anything about myself or how to write at all, and yet when I write for other people it easily flows. So let’s backtrack a little bit when I first launched Healthy Dash of Sass 7 years ago. It was a way for me to find a creative outlet, a way for me to work through things that I was going through in my personal life; writing was like therapy for me and I enjoyed it so much that I thought if it could help one other person than I would be happy with it.

What came from that is meeting some of the best people and friends I have ever had in my life, building a business because of the skillset I gained, and continuously growing and evolving as an individual. What came with it was a skillset that I then used to build my career in Marketing and open up my boutique agency, Healthy Dash of Social, to help other small business owners create strategies to get their company and vision out in front of people and now as a marketing consultant that gets to work with startups in Healthcare to build their Marketing strategy.

Let me tell you the best thing I have ever done is take an idea that everyone said was stupid and run with it. What started as a passion has helped me shape my career and my personal development in so many ways. My whole point of this little section is so that you understand that this is a place where you can find other people who want more out of life, a place where your ideas can flourish and you will find zero judgment and whole lot of support, a fun place to relax and find ideas and to create and that I hope brings you so much joy. Healthy Dash of Sass 2.0 is everything I have wanted it to be this whole time. A place where women can come and find community, where you can grow and find resources for more, where you can bring ideas to life and find community to help support that, and eventually an e-commerce brand for the sassy and bold individual because we all need cute ass shit to make our day that much better. I hope this little piece of the internet helps you as much as it has benefited me!

founder & multi-passionate maven

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Creative Collaborators + Sassy Team Members

The marketing maven with 7+ years of strategic experience. Specializing in social media strategy for over 2 years, she's your go-to for turning plans into power moves. From project management to operational experience, Chelsey brings a dynamic mix of organization, strategy, and tactical delivery.

When she's not dominating the marketing scene, you'll find her indulging in reality TV drama, sipping craft beers, or soaking up quality time with her son.

Meet Chelsey

Kacy officially joined Healthy Dash of Sass in 2024, but she’s been a supporter for years. You’ve probably seen her around for a content shoot or helping scout locations. Having a background in a variety of industries, Kacy brings a lot to the Healthy Dash team. She was born and bred for sales and loves helping people figure out how she can best help them and their businesses.

She provides a different perspective and out-of-the-box thinking. Running her household, with three kids, her husband, and his own small business, she knows a thing or two about efficiency, organization, and time management. Kacy has never met a stranger, her outgoing personality and upbeat demeanour allow her to be a successful Operations Manager. Kacy is loyal and supportive of her friends, which made her joining the Healthy Dash team a perfect fit.

Meet Kacy

Lynsie is a freelance copywriter who loves helping brands engage their target audiences through creative marketing content. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, trying new restaurants, and finding fun activities in the city.

Meet Lynsie

Katie Mander is a seasoned digital marketer specializing in elevating personal brands through the power of social media marketing, web and graphic design, and search engine optimization. With a master’s degree in Strategic Communication and a bachelor's degree in Advertising and Digital Media, Katie brings a blend of academic rigor and creative flair to the Healthy Dash team.

Her expertise lies in crafting engaging digital experiences that not only resonate with audiences but also drive meaningful engagement. Katie’s approach to digital marketing is both strategic and innovative, ensuring that every campaign delivers on its goals while pushing the boundaries of conventional digital practices. But Katie's life isn't all pixels and SEO. Outside of work, Katie is a lover of dogs and coffee, often found blending her passion for creativity with her love for comedy.

Meet Katie

permission to be imperfect

Too many times we stop ourselves from trying something new, from going after an opportunity we want, from taking a risk to get to where we want to be because we are afraid of failure and because we are scared it won’t be perfect. I dare you to change the way you view perfection and […]

I always like to write posts like this because taking care of your mental health is not only important but it’s always the one thing that we all let go down to the bottom of our to-do list. Five years ago I built a boutique digital agency and while that will be one of the […]

If you’re looking for new products to try, I’ve got you covered. Here are 5 of my absolute favorites that you need to check out this week: I hope you find these product recommendations helpful. Let me know if you try any of them!

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